The Sustainable Kitchen

Passionate Cooking Inspired by Farms, Forests and Oceans

A cookbook with a conscience!
featuring a delicious combination of culinary excellence and responsible seasonal cooking.

Fabulous Foods' Top 10 Cookbooks of 2004

Nominated for a 2005 World Food Media Award
Known as 'the Ladles', these trophies are the food and drink equivalent of the Oscars.

2005 "IPPY" Honorable Mention
The "IPPY", Independent Publisher Book Awards, are designed to bring recognition to deserving but unsung titles.

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Concepts of Sustainability
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The Sustainable Kitchen is currently out of print.

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THE SUSTAINABLE KITCHEN brings home the thrill of tasting fine cuisine made from the best seasonal ingredients grown locally. Designed for people who want to make food choices that promote the economic, environmental and social health of their communities, this book gives seasonal cuisine new flair using recipes adapted for exciting home cooking. Its two talented chefs share their passion for the culinary arts and their regional focus that inspires home cooks everywhere to connect with local farmers and purveyors to obtain the freshest produce available. These connections encourage regional food supplies and a strong local economy, maintain community, foster earth stewardship, and protect the future of family farms.

Foreword by Caroline Bates,
Contributing Editor, Gourmet Magazine.
Photography by John A. Rizzo

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