Passionate Cooking Inspired by Farms, Forests and Oceans


Fabulous Foods' Top 10 Cookbooks of 2004

Nominated for a 2005 World Food Media Award
Known as 'the Ladles', these trophies are the food and drink Oscars.

2005 "IPPY" Honorable Mention
The "IPPY", Independent Publisher Book Awards, are designed to bring recognition to deserving but unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers.

"Sustainable. Regional. Organic. Delicious. What more could you ask for! The time is right to change our lifestyles, to make smart choices, to take a stand."
— Tom Douglas, Seattle restaurateur, cookbook author and winner of a James Beard Association Award

"The Sustainable Kitchen makes the important connection between the food we eat, our health, and the environment while providing us with a strong sense of the sights, smells and taste of the Northwest."
— Rochelle Davis, author of Fresh Choices and Executive Director of Generation Green

"These two chefs are national treasures. Their simple, yet inspired, food is a joy to behold. This is a book for people who love to cook and respect the food that nourishes us. The authors have woven a tapestry of words that captures the passion of these bright young chefs and inspires us to enjoy the magic of the table and the miracle of the earth that nourishes our food."
— Marie Simmons, author of The Good Egg and Fig Heaven

"A great new cookbook designed for people who want to make food choices that promote the economic, environmental and social health of their communities, this book offers seasonal cuisine a new spin using recipes adapted for home cooking."
— Annette Nielson, The Saratogian

"The focus is on helping readers understand and identify quality ingredients that will inspire them to create a wonderful dish. The emphasis is on where, when and how the materials are available... The authors are passionate about using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients."
— Judy Wu, The San Francisco Chronicle

"...thumb through The Sustainable Kitchen for inspiration and you may end up making an elegant three-course dinner, as I did. If you're looking for fresh ideas and enjoy subtle, refined tastes, you're likely to be happy."
— Lynne Terry, The Oregonian

"The Sustainable Kitchen challenges us, no matter where we live, to be responsible, seasonal cooks and eaters... The first cookbook with the word 'sustainable' in its title, it's a Walden for the cooking set, a manifesto on cooking local, seasonal fare."
— Northwest Palate Magazine

"A cookbook, this collection of scrumptious recipes is interspersed with theory. Though this isn't a large volume it is amazingly comprehensive, carrying you through from appetizers to nuts... Recipe ingredients include fish, shellfish, poultry, beef, pork, game, eggs, cheeses, and wild mushrooms, as well as fruits and vegetables, and a section on wine selection offers a splendid short course on a complex subject."
— Cecil Bothwell, author of The Prince of War

"This exceptional cookbook not only presents some of their best recipes, it also helps the reader understand how to use local ingredients in fresh and exciting ways... It is a book that is useful not matter where you live. This is a book you need in your kitchen if you have any interest at all in great food."
— Dan Hays, Statesman Journal